Social Media Marketing (SMM)

March 20, 2016


Social Media Marketing Drives Engagement and Awareness

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of marketing across a variety of social media platforms for a number of different reasons. You may want to advertise a new product or get your name out there and get people talking, the reasons are endless but the interaction and engagement is there. Using networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube to name a few, our SMM bridges the gap between having a website where potential customers view you, and a platform where potential customers can engage with you.

Features such as Facebook Ads and boosts, and Twitter sponsored ads you can reach a large audience based on interest, gender or even age all on a limited budgeted and see measurable results. The Space Monkey can launch your SMM campaign today at an affordable price across a wide variety of social networks.


Social Media Advertising
We can advertise for you on Facebook and Twitter with an affordable budget and have measurable results.
Social Media Management
We offer social media account management across a multitude of social networks.
Email Marketing
Professional Email Marketing Campaigns can help reach targeted audiences with specific content, it's a great way to promote new products and specials.
Content Creativity
Social Media Marketing needs creative content, our content creation ranges across a wide variety to drive engagement.