Google Analytics

March 20, 2016

Analytics is the Ultimate Way to Understanding Your Traffic

It's 100% Free, Direct From Google. We install it on all our builds, AdWords and SEO Campaigns.

Google Analytics is the ultimate way to gain insight into the behaviour of visitors on your website. This isn't the only Analytics 'platform' but it's the one we know and trust. Through this service we are able to provide customers with valuable statistics which can be used to enhance the users experience. Simply put, Google Analytics is coding that runs on the back of your site and tracks every users activity on your site. That way you know their exact behaviour and adjust your sites experience to tailor your users needs.

The following screenshot from one of our client's site data will show this a bit clearer.

analytics example

We can see that in one day they had 474 sessions on their site, but of those 388 were individual users. Those 388 individual users visited a total of 1,313 pages on our client's site, which works out to an average of 2.77 pages per user. We can see that each user spent an average time of 00:01:25 on the site and a total of 54.43% of the users bounced. Most of these statistics are simple enough to understand, but what are they really telling us?

Firstly, we can see that their is a significantly high bounce rate. What is a bounce rate you may ask? It's simply the amount of users that came to the website and left without interacting any further with the first page they landed on, they basically landed on your site and then left. But why? What is causing people to leave the site so soon without having a 'browse' around first?

Their could be many reasons for this, for this specific client we quickly identified what the problem was. Their Adwords campaign had an open search phrase "Property in Sandton" that was bringing in prospective conversions but a keyword that should of been excluded was the word 'rent'. People who were searching "property to rent in sandton" were landing on the site, and because our client does not do rentals but only sales, people quickly left the site. Luckily because we monitor our campaigns daily, we caught this very quickly and could add the keyword 'rent' to our campaigns exclusion list. This is a simple yet prime example of how Google Analytics and The Space Monkey can help you understand the behaviour of users on your site.

To see where Google Analytics fits within our digital marketing strategy, please view our info-graph here.