Content Creation

March 20, 2016

If You’re Not Using Content Creation in Your Marketing, You’re Already Behind

Content creation is the contribution of any information to any media. Anyone can do content creation when it's duplicating mediocre content or contributing little to no useful information. Creative, valuable and relevant quality content is a lot harder and takes time and effort, energy, resources and knowledge.

We know that a lot of business have the know how but lack the time to produce consistent content. At The Space Monkey, we do thorough research on your industry and source the most relevant information to produce fresh, valuable and engaging content for you.


Engaging Media Content
We produce engaging media content for your website/blog or social networks. Not just of out the box thinking, it's out of this world creativity.
Graphic Design
Event posters and graphics to digital banners, catalogues and even Google Display Network graphics.
Content Writing
We provide deep article writing for your blog/website that can help your SEO and overall site traffic.

Our content creation comes in many shapes and forms from blog posts and articles to infographs, posters, even your entire website. The more valuable the content on your site the greater you can rank within search engine organic (unpaid) results. Sites that simply reproduce and rehash previous content are penalised and sometimes penalties can be harsh. Avoid this risk and go with a team that is dedicated to producing new and engaging content. You can browse Our Gallery to see some of the graphical content we have created as well as our blog.