Valuable Stats to Help Your Mobile Marketing

Valuable Statistics to Help Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

We promise, these stats help!

A few weekends ago we posted a five part series of Tweet’s with what we felt to be 5 valuable mobile statistics to help when planning your next marketing strategy. We decided that we would post them here to save time searching through our tweets and media to find them.

Mobile marketing is a recurring theme in our blog. There is a reason for this and the reason is quite simple, mobile marketing is so, so important! We cannot stress that enough here. If you are going to do your business any favour, it’s having a mobile strategy. The following statistics may just help you make that commitment to a mobile site, or mobile advertising.

mobile stats

1 – Mobile eCommerce

It makes up for a fair share already and is said to continue to grow. We have seen rapid mobile development across all borders, with 3.5 billion smart devices said to be out there (VentureBeat), there is a huge probability that you are losing out on sales by not having an eCommerce site for customers. In today’s age, people want things to come to them, they do not want to have to go and find it. The convenience of mobile speaks volumes here. Every one of your potential customers could have your shop in their pocket.

mobile stats

2 – Mobile eCommerce, Again

With approximately 20% of all purchases currently coming from mobile, almost %40 of those purchases were influenced by a mobile optimized site.

mobile stats

3 – Everyone’s Doing It

Okay sure, that’s not exactly always a valid reason. But in this case, it is. Approximately 60% of companies have already created a mobile version of their site or optimised their desktop site to run great on mobile. If you’re in the 40%, you are going to be left behind and playing catch-up can ruin your business.

mobile stats

4 – Exposure

Having an advert display on mobile can lead potential customers to search for you online. With almost 1 in every 4 people searching for the companies they see in adverts, the advert is not only selling your specific product at the same time you’re also creating brand/company awareness.

mobile stats

5 – Customer Preference

Customer preference is to browse on mobile. We have analytics statistics that show up to 90% of searches (PPC and organic) traffic coming mobile to some of our clients. That is a huge proportion of the pie. If you can deliver a mobile experience that is user friendly you’re keeping customers on your page. As soon as things become cumbersome with pinching and zooming, you’re going to see a significantly higher bounce rate.

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