Websites: Does Your Business Really Need One?

Why You Need a Website

Websites: Does Your Business Really Need One?

It’s not easy starting your own business. When one decides to venture out alone, there are often some important factors in deciding how to get your ‘name’ out there to potential customers.  One such question that many new small businesses have is that of websites?  Do I need one? Is it worth it? The short and simple answer is YES.

Having a website for your business can be of a huge benefit.  Besides Social Media Marketing (SMM), it is the next most inexpensive and yet effective way to advertise ones business.  Making a website is easy and cost effective with an inexpensive or free website builder, but what are the benefits of a good website that will move your business from being ordinary to extraordinary?

  • Having a good website shows your level of professionalism and provides another avenue for customers and future business transactions to engage with you and share your business online.  Think of it like this:  “Your website is always there to promote you when you are not”.
  • A good website provides you with the opportunity to present your company and products without having to make a proposal of any sort.  A good website will do most of your selling for you, without adding pressure on the customer.  People can visit your website at their discretion and know exactly what you offer without picking up the phone or having to physically walk in store.
  • A good website allows you the chance to learn about people’s online behaviour when they interact with your website.  Being able to learn more about your customers is an advantage that will increase sales and in essence grow your business.

I believe the most important benefit of a good website is that the customer is happy and has a good user experience.  A good website not only takes care of their customer, but opens up a window to allow us to show the customer that we have an effective marketing plan, with a well designed site that enables the customer to find the information in the most effective way. As the saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money” and I believe that with the right website, call to action and right Social Media Marketing campaign any business can grow, as long as the customers is put first.

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