Facebook: Finding Friends to Businesses Best Friend

Facebook: From Finding Friends to Businesses Best Friend – By Bryleigh James (@FireFlyZA)

Facebook. We all know it in one form or another. We all use it for one purpose or another. The company has come a long way from where it was when it first started. Thinking back to early days when it was simply about connecting with people we knew, and some we didn’t. It is no longer just this platform to find old friends and a way of keeping in touch. Today, FB is literally dictating the times of social media and they are doing things right.

Think about it, almost everyone with access to a PC or mobile is on Facebook (an active 1.5 billion people). Companies and corporations are fully aware of the potential reach of FB and they pay to advertise their pages, boost posts and general brand awareness with Pages. It has provided a simple and easy service that’s available for free to the public. This free service has enabled small businesses to get their name out there, and to communicate with possible clients. From a marketing standpoint, Facebook has really created a platform for people and companies/brands/products to engage and interact, without limiting how.

 Since 2005 the company has spent billions of dollars on roughly 50 companies, with the biggest purchases being Instagram and WhatsApp which cost them $19 billion.  FB has also made purchases that are beyond the boundaries of what you would expect a Social Media company to buy, however if you look at what these companies have to offer with regards to Media Marketing, I feel that Facebook is ahead of their times and are in fact assisting their users in growing their own businesses while at the same time growing Facebook as well.

I recently spoke to a close friend of mine, who has started their own business and who decided from the get go to create a business page on Facebook. I asked her whether she found this page beneficial in getting her business out there and also what she did in terms of marketing to the correct audience.  Her enthusiasm and excitement about how easy it is to boost posts to a specific audience as well as the growth she has seen with regards to traffic from Facebook is evident that this form of marketing is definitely beneficial as consumers carry FB in their pockets every day of their lives. Without a Facebook Page she feels her business would have suffered and she would never have been able to build the relationship she has with customers. My final point here is that Facebook has moved with the times if not dictated them, and small businesses can jump into action without spending a cent and immediately start benefiting from Facebook marketing.