5 Tips for Great Digital Marketing

Tips For Great

Tips for Great Digital Marketing

Tip 1. Communication with Customers on Social Media

Communication is a crucial factor in showing your customers that your care. Through constant interaction with them you can show individual customers that their opinion is valued. Try and respond within a reasonable time period to both positive and negative comments. Remember that people quickly unfollow accounts that spam retweets of stuff they themselves never read. Use your Social media as a platform to inform your customer base about your product or company, that’s the reason why they are following/liking your page or account.

Tip 2: Easy-to-read Content

One thing that throws a reader off rather quickly is jargon, sure it makes you sound super smart but it also tells your reader just how much they don’t know. Your content should be informing your visitors and not sending them to Google to understand what you’re saying. Use words that everyone can understand and watch for repetitive words, more often than not we can cut a few words from a long sentence. You want your reader to make it to the last word and still remember what they just read.

Tip 3: Snapchat

Yeah, we said it. Our justification is it’s mobile. The current teen population is taking this up in drones and the guys at Snapchat are well aware of the potential. Personally we haven’t jumped aboard; maybe we will eat these words.

Tip 4: Mobile Marketing

We recently posted some statistics on the weekly traffic on our clients’ sites and mobile browsing came out on top with a staggering 65% of the traffic. Google has recently started to penalise the SEO scores of sites that are less mobile friendly. There are many free WordPress themes that offer great responsiveness on mobile. We see a much higher bounce rate on our clients’ sites that are not mobile friendly. Remember that mobile marketing is a way to get your message into your customer’s pocket, literally. Take advantage of it with promotions and other offerings that your potential customers can react to immediately.

Tip 5: Optimise For Local Search

Your business/product for the most part is going to be used and/or consumed by local people, tailor your searches accordingly. Your website should provide your location, your address and your work hours, and have a clear call to action to bring in conversions. Use locally targeted advertising such as Facebook, Google, Bing, they all offer some form of paid advertising campaigns that can help increase the traffic to your site. If you don’t have a large budget you can still gain traffic through good keywords. We have a client who spends R10.00 a day (equal to $0.85) and they receive around 500 impressions and 15 clicks per day, with an average position of 3.6 on Google Search. Using good keywords and clear geographic boundaries local PPC advertising can work on any budget.

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